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Neck Protection

  • ECOproFOAM Neck and Clavicle Protector

    ECOproFOAM Neck and Clavicle Protector

        This is ECO Hockey's latest product which incorporates its ECOproFOAM to make a premium neck and clavicle protector. Through research and development, ECO has developed a neck guard that not only protects against lacerations, but from...

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  • OTNY Double Thick Dangler

    OTNY Double Thick Dangler

    Otny Double thick Lexian Dangler. This is one of the thickest danglers on the market. Has been tested at the highest levels of hockey and has gotten great results!   Twice the thickness as most danglers on the market. Made in Canada. Works on both...

    USD $34.99
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