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Introducing the OTNY Shutout Club 


1. You must let up zero goals in an entire game. 

2. You must be wearing an OTNY Mask. 

3. Can be any level of hockey including Youth, Adult, Pro, Semi-Pro, Etc. ANY LEVEL

4. Can be any type of hockey including Ice, Roller, Floor, Ringette

5. This is all on your honor. If you didn't earn it don't do it. We won't know but you will feel shame every time you put the shirt on. 

6. List of names will be published on GoalieParts.com & Otny's website and social media. If you don't want to be listed, please don't enter. 

7. One shirt will be sent out per person.  

8. Please order through :

Shutout Club Order Form

9. Shipping to the US is $3.76 and $9.50 to Canada. You can add to any order on the site to get free shipping of this item. 

10. Shutout club starts 7/19/17 and can end without notice. 

11. Have fun and stop some pucks! 

12. Any questions, please email dk@goalieparts.com 


Dan Tamkin 

Edward Kasprowicz 

Carter Neumann

Nicholas Hyneman

Bobby Garrott

Audrey Gilbert Parsons 

Justin Fazio 

Marino Ramirez 

Jeremy Bechtold

Jackson McDonough

Ilan Walny

Duke Heberlein

Suzie Galvan 

Hailey Koren

Colton Bechtold

Shannon MacDonald 

Connor Broderick 

Scott Seeley 

Gavin Weeks

Joseph Price 

Mason Driscoll

Brad Morrison

Matthew Morrison 

Aaron Crompton 

Jack Crompton

Brendon Wetherspoon

Michael Havel

Colton Webster

Xander Martinez

Jay Fairchild

David Moss

Gary Workman

Sean Sherboneau

David Polombo

Jack Metcalf 

James Goodwin

Grant Hagenberger

Tyler Anderson

Joey Couling

Jonah Lee

Zach Finigan

Tim Brown

Connor Brown

Cole Sweet

Jayden Elias

Rob Lynch

Kyle Riddles

Collin Hunt

Jaicy Campbell

Mario Youngblood

Aaron Pettipas

Preston Shumate

Kohen Kinjerski

David Taitel

Nick Poole

Thatcher Reidel

Justin Swift

Martin Gilbert

James Wilcox

Wil Grainger

Kurt Attwood

Porter Borque

Gage Bader

Miles Anderson

Ian Humphrey

Mike Kerr

Brayden Youngblood

Adrian Georgescu

Logan McAloney

Michael Jensen

Vincent Riley

Spencer Flaim

Beckett Ullan

BJ Farmer

Dan Steffens

Sam Pewsey

Elliot Austin

Carson Decker

Noah Miller

Dawson Reynolds

Louis Magnuson

Tanner Ball

Adam Mirus 

Hunter Rainiwr

Christine Smith

Micha Michalski 

BJ Farmer

Dennis Kasprowicz 

Cody Jones

Dylan Jones

Julian Nocerino

Gumby Burcal

Matt Peterson

Lucas Zimmerman

Eric Lehman

Ava Jamiolkowski

Drew Meyers 

Aiden Snow

Brynn Scott

Frank Petz