Everything Goalie
  • 2018 OTNY X1 Pro Goalie Mask


    Made to order and custom foam fit to your specs. (Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time as this is a custom made helmet)

  • Hand laid fiberglass shell and back plate with an integrated full layer of carbon fiber and Kevlar throughout the shell with additional reinforcements placed in the high impact areas of the forehead and chin. Also a hybrid layer of Carbon Fiber/Kevlar is added.
  • Large face cut out allows for excellent downward and peripheral vision and aids in venting.
  • Stainless Pro Cateye cage is standard. Ingerchangeable CSA style and Cheater cages are available. Stainless steel cage clips and screws. Mounted over HD neoprene washers which protect paint and help dampen vibration upon impact.
  • Upgraded supple (tan) vinyl nitrile foam is standard.
  • Black terry cloth sweatband.
  • 1" HD adjustable elsatic straps (black or white) - "open" back plate.
  • Black, or white urethane paint is standard - custom colours are available.
  • All our masks are made, trimmed, prepped, painted, and assembled in Ontario, Canada by our industry's leading professionals.
  • Padded mask bag included.
  • Fits (+ or -) 22 1/4" - 23 3/4" best.
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