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OTNY Shutout Club

Free Shipping!

Unfortunately USPS and Canada Post has raised their rates. We will still provide the T-Shirts and stickers but shipping will be charged.  If you add to an order on the site, there will be no shipping. Thank you for your understanding. 


1. You must let up zero goals in an entire game. 

2. You must be wearing an OTNY Mask. 

3. Can be any level of hockey including Youth, Adult, Pro, Semi-Pro, Etc. ANY LEVEL

4. Can be any type of hockey including Ice, Roller, Floor, Ringette

5. This is all on your honor. If you didn't earn it don't do it. We won't know but you will feel shame every time you put the shirt on. 

6. List of names will be published on GoalieParts.com & Otny's website and social media. If you don't want to be listed, please don't enter. 

7. One shirt will be sent out per person.  

8. Please order through this form. 

9. Shipping to the US is $2 and $9 to Canada. You can add to any order on the site to get free shipping of this item. 

10. Shutout club starts 7/19/17 and can end without notice. 

11. Have fun and stop some pucks! 

12. Any questions, please email dk@goalieparts.com