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  • 2018 OTNY X1 Senior Kevlar

    Make, Model, Size, and if there are any issues with the fit.

    2018 X1 Senior Kevlar 

    • Hand laid fiberglass shell and back plate with a layer of full kevlar 1 year warranty on shell and back plate.
    • Stainless steel Non-certified cage, cat eye cage, clips, and screws. Mounted over HD neoprene washers which protect paint and help dampen vibration upon impact.
    • Lightweight tried and tested pro rubatex tan foam.
    • Terry cloth sweatband.
    • 1" adjustable black elastic straps - "open" back plate.
    • Black, White, Or matte black 
    • All OTNY masks are made, trimmed, prepped, painted, and assembled in house in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by our industry's leading professionals. 
    • Padded mask bag included.
    •  (+ or -) 22" - 23 1/2" best
    • Most models are stock and can be shipped immediately. Please inquire about stock and wait times but we will try to stock this helmet at all times. 
    • Prices are in USD