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Prosharp® Home Sharpening

  • Prosharp SkatePal® Pro 3

    Prosharp SkatePal® Pro 3

    SkatePal® Pro 3 delivers high precision sharpening technology to hockey teams, players, skaters and business owners.     Increase glide speed and the Grip with the Channel-Z technology. Keeps your Prosharp...

    USD $3,999.00
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  • Prosharp® Blade Straightener

    Prosharp® Blade Straightener makes it easy to straighten a blade.   You often need to straighten a blade before sharpening it. Only seconds to straighten a blade. You can not achieve perfect level edges by sharpening bent blades.

    USD $149.00
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  • Wheel Adjustment Tool

    The wheel adjustment tool is a quick-fix tool that helps the user to center align the grinding wheel on Home, SkatePal® and AS 1001/2001-series.

    USD $35.00
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  • Prosharp® Honing Kit

    Prosharp® Honing Kit

    Honing kit for the best results before and after sharpening   Blade Oil X-3 Diamond & Ceramic Hone Fine Hone Fork Hone Polishing Hone Leather Hone

    USD $139.00
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  • Prosharp® Pro Starter Kit

    Buy this kit to get all that you need to get started for sharpening on Prosharp's machines.   X-3 Diamond & Ceramic Hone Polishing Hone Leather Hone Prosharp® Blade Angle Tester Wheel Adjustment Tool Prosharp® Personal Blade...

    USD $189.00
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  • Prosharp® Home Sharpening System

    Professional quality edges just like a professional pro shop, now in the comfort of your own home.  With the purchase of the ProSharp Home we adding a travel bag and 1 diamond coated hone. This will set you up to sharpen 500 pairs of skates...

    USD $1,399.00
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