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Whether you need a new pair of Tydan Performance Blades, a quick sharpening or blade profiling, or some foam inserts to help your skates fit more comfortably - we're your one-stop-shop for your goalie skate tune-up needs.  We can recommend the best product, blade profile or skate sharpening for your game, and our quick turnaround times mean you'll be dominating the crease again in no time.

  • Pro Sharp Profiling - Mail In

    Pro Sharp Profiling - Mail In

    We have a Pro Sharp AS2001 All pro machine withTONS of profiling templates. We are one of only a hand full of shops in the US with this machine. We offer profiling on your current blades or we sell new Tydan Blades.  This specific "product" is for...

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  • ECOproFOAM Ankle Circles ECOproFOAM Ankle Circles

    ECOproFOAM Ankle Circles

    ECOproFOAM ankle circles fit in your socks to give you immediate comfort from pressure on your ankles.  Includes 2 3" Circles.    Please note that this is not a medical product and if the problem continues, please consult your physician...

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