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Goalie Mask Accessories

It's a good idea to check your goalie mask regularly to keep the hardware tight, check for any rips or fraying in the elastic straps, and make sure that the interior foam is still intact.  Many goalies that we know keep a personalized mask hardware kit in their bag just in case some or all of these areas need attention.  If you want to create your own mask accessory kit, or even if you just want to buy only what you need, then we've got you covered.  We carry a full compliment of mask hardware, replacement clips, chin cups, interior foams, and much more, and we can help keep your mask safe and secure for years to come.

And remember - your cage loses it's structural integrity as soon as it gets dented.  If you find dents or broken welds upon your regular mask inspection, the make sure to shop our Goalie Mask Replacement Cages page to replace it ASAP.