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All OTNY masks, regardless of model, come with a manufactures LIFETIME warranty on the composite portions of the shell and backplate and 30 day warranty on paint. A valid warranty claim will be from manufactures defect and are at the sole discretion and determination of OTNY. OTNY masks are designed to be used in a high level of hockey and this warranty does not include regular wear and tear or damage that is determined at OTNY's discretion to be excessive, abusive, or intentional. Straps, hardware, padding, or any other portion of the mask other than the composite portions are not covered under this warranty. Any modification of the helmet other than paint or wrap from our certified painters/wrappers void this warranty. OTNY must be notified within 10 days from the first notice of damage. OTNY makes the determination on all warranty claims and the determination is final. OTNY has the option at its discretion to repair or replace the approved warranty claim. Shipping the mask to OTNY will be at the responsibility of the claimant. The  below warranty form and sales receipt indicating the claimant is the original owner must accompany the mask in the return to OTNY. Please contact us if you would like to file a warranty claim and to receive the warranty request form.   


The cages we sell are from the same manufacturer and stock as the cages that are used in the NHL and pro leagues around the world. The cages are made with this in mind and are true pro-stock cages. They are made of 305 Cold Rolled Canadian Made Steel and made exclusively in Canada. Every batch of steel is independently tested for its strength.  However does not make them unbendable. While they are some of the strongest on the market, they will bend on occasion when a direct shot is taken to them. The bending actually reduces the amount of energy that is transferred to your face and when a cage bends and doesn't break your face, it is actually doing its job.  


The Blades we sell are warrantied from breakage for one year from the purchase date. To file a warranty claim please contact us directly. Shipping back to the manufacturer is the responsibility of the claimant. Both blades must be sent and a new set will be sent out. Please contact us for details on filing a claim.